Monday, January 28, 2013

Why haven't I heard of this before?

First of all, we went to an AMAZING presentation with our local Christian Family Educators group.  The kids learned about Antarctica from a woman who traveled there, and then they (we) learned interesting things about the attack on Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field from another woman whose father was in the Army Air Corps at the time of the attack.  I love it when my kids can learn from others' experiences.  Due to our crazy family issues and schedule, we haven't been able to attend many group meetings and it is such a pity because we learned a lot this time.
It is good to have a community to learn things from and to bounce things off of.  I have done a couple of things on Facebook where I would post thoughts, I've found educational videos and websites by search engines and I've talked with a few homeschool families, but I really like the idea of this group.  I found that the kids are more social than I am.  DUH!  I have a hard time meeting people face to face and don't know who I should talk with or how to strike up a conversation sometimes.  Thankfully there are a few more outgoing types at the places I visit.  I look forward to more meetings with our group.  As the faces become more familiar, I think I will anticipate each meeting more too.
Now for the great resource that I never knew was out there...  (drumroll please!) .......................  can you hear it????  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  I can get it free on my iPad and phone.  I liked it on facebook.  I can order paper copies (for a cost)!  I'm pretty sure this will be a new favorite for me.  I admit, not all of the articles are appealing to me, but most of them are.  I may get tired of ads at some point, but I really like the fact that curriculum companies advertise here.  I am looking for a new math program for next year and my daughter is finished with her 2nd grade language, so I'm debating on moving on to 3rd grade or supplementing with another curriculum for the rest of the year.  I would not have found it if I were antisocial and stuff.  A member of the homeschool group was kind enough to share the info with us all.  Thank YOU Mrs. C!
A fun thing the ladies are looking at is a mom's night out and they want to call it a teacher's in-service or something like that to make it sound too important to miss.  Isn't that great!  Well that's my fun inspiration for now.... for parent's week out ... coming soon to an ocean near someone.  ... to be continued...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where did my motivation go?

I really enjoy teaching my kids and I enjoy it more when the day goes smoothly.  The main factor in the day is actually not the kids... it's me.  If I am ready and show them outwardly that I'm ready to take the day seriously, they fall in step more easily.  I've been sluggish since the holidays, but have determined to make this an enjoyable experience for us all too.
I've been assured that homeschooling is great and you can just do it any time and be laid back.  Well, you can, but I find the days that are more organized are the best days and the laid back days are really pitiful.  We take for ever to get through our content and then end the day grumpy.  NOT GOOD!  Starting my day in the Word of God is the best for us and then we spend time together doing devotions and the days really go well.
Once the kids have proven they are ready to work, I am more apt to give them fun breaks.  This morning we did mirroring exercises and it was not only good for us, but it is always hilarious to see the way they mirror and comments during the fact.
We are doing 4 day weeks through the first week of February due to family vacations and weekend plans and birthdays and that is really seeming to be great.  I might consider doing a longer school year and 4 day weeks because it is just more freeing.  We'll see.
Tomorrow is the big guy's 10th birthday and he and sis are taking to calling him a "preteen."  Not sure I was ready to hear that.  Happy weekend to all!