Monday, April 23, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit Collage

This morning in devotions we learned about the Fruit of the Spirit.  It was art day today and I had planned to do something with this stack of magazines that keeps growing.  At the last minute I decided to make collages for the Fruit of the Spirit.  Both kids know the God Rocks' Fruit of the Spirit song, so this just was more of a thought provoking lesson.
I asked them to think about what each of the fruit meant and to find a picture for that fruit.  I typed up each "fruit" word in a different font.  Copy and paste so each word is on the paper 2 times.  Print!


I gave each child a piece of orange card stock.  It is what I have on hand.  They took their scissors, the regular copy paper with these words, magazines and a glue stick and this is what they created.  I actually don't have a lot of magazines, but I get tons of Oriental Trading catalogs and I started hanging on to them for projects like these.  We also get farming catalogs and I've started to save them as well. 

My son's version
My daughter's version

It was a fun project.  My first grader lost her focus and needed to be redirected a couple of times.  All in all, it was good and took about 30-45 minutes to complete.

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