Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Fever

... Oh I've got it bad!  Thankfully we've had a few outings to keep us from going crazy.  The weather has been so beautiful that we hate being cooped up and I think I'm worse than the kids.  We went to the local museum of art and history on Monday and found out about an activity for children on Friday which sounds fabulous.  We've been invited to participate in the afternoon.  I need to teach the kids about the Homestead Act in the morning to prepare for our afternoon.  Gets rid of the mundane for sure.
We missed ukulele lessons earlier and will miss them tomorrow, but I think that's something we will work on through the summer to keep some form of schedule for us.  We've enrolled in 4H as well just in time to do a project for the County Fair.  We have baseball that we'll find out more about shortly as well.  As for the rest of our summer plans, I am just waiting on the Lord to lay them out for us.
BOOK IT! is taking enrollment for Home Schools now and we got ourselves signed up on the first day.  I've been giving the kids punch cards for their reading and they so love reading now that they wouldn't need the reward, but I love encouraging them in this way.  It will be nice to give them a reward that I don't have to pay for and yet they will enjoy!  GO PIZZA HUT!
We've put in enough hours in the last few weeks that we've knocked 2 1/2 days off the calendar, so done day is May 16th.  Then we get a party and program at church that night where the kids present their work to the parents.  Double good day!

After our group prayer on the National Day of Prayer 2012.
Brother did not want his picture to be taken.

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